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Enjoy an unforgettable time in Livorno, the largest city in Tuscany. Most vacationers find themselves in Livorno on their way to the more popular cities of Tuscany such as Florence, Pisa or Lucca. Nevertheless, if fate has brought you to this Italian town for a day, a lot of interesting sights of Livorno will easily allow you to immerse yourself in the usual Italian life.

Livorno is a port city where merchants from different countries of the world came for a long time. This is reflected in the appearance of Livorno, and therefore it is called the city of hundreds of nationalities.

The main attraction and real symbol of Livorno is the Old Fortress (Vecchia fortezza), built in the 11th century. You can visit it absolutely free. Livorno also has the New Fortress (Nuova fortezza). It is located in the New Venice area, and now it houses a beautiful and cozy city park. Little, or New Venice (Nuova Venezia) district is very

interesting and attractive for tourists itself. There are many canals, bridges and architectural buildings erected in the 16th-17th centuries. Be sure to visit the central square of Livorno (Piazza Grande), which houses the Cathedral of Livorno (Duomo di Livorno). Its gray façade and main doors, which depict the city’s main historical events, set the cathedral apart from the rest of the buildings. If you want to get away from the bustle of the city, then visit the famous Museum of Natural History of the Mediterranean in Livorno (Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo), completely dedicated to the biological diversity of this region.

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