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Each of us dreams of an unforgettable journey. There are so many beautiful countries and picturesque cities in the world that you can spend your whole life on the road, discovering more and more amazing places. One of these cities that all tourists want to visit is Florence.

The sights of Florence can be admired endlessly. The most important of them, perhaps, can be called Santa Maria del Fiore — the cathedral, which is rightfully considered a real architectural miracle. The Baptistery of San Giovanni attracts most tourists with its eastern gate, which depicts biblical scenes. The Academy of Fine Arts houses Michelangelo’s world-famous work David, a symbol of the Renaissance. Do not forget to visit the house where Dante Alighieri, the author of the immortal poem “The Divine Comedy”, lived and worked. Walk around Piazzale Michelangelo for a beautiful panorama of Florence. You can complete your sightseeing tour of the city, for example, by going to the Uffizi Gallery, which houses the masterpieces of the most famous Italian artists.

Tourists are always looking for a way to get to the desired city as quickly as possible, and Florence provides such an opportunity. Peretola Airport, also known as Amerigo Vespucci, is just 4 km from Florence. It is small, there is one terminal and all the necessary services on its territory: some food points, ATMs, shops, a lounge and a luggage search service.

In order for you to be as comfortable and convenient as possible to get to Florence, our company provides you with a transfer service from Peretola airport to Florence. We work around the clock and only hire professional drivers with many years of driving experience. A prerequisite for them is fluency in English — this is how we prevent all misunderstandings between the driver and passengers. Also, you will be pleased with the condition of our cars: they look well-groomed both outside and inside. In addition, we regularly subject them to thorough technical inspections. If you have any wishes, please let us know about them when making an application for a transfer from Peretola airport to Florence. This can be done either by phone number +39-329-725-6761 or you can send it to the email address

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